Services to Schools

We’ve called this page Services to Schools, but it’s worth noting that all services are also available to the public as well.

Here’s a round-up of services on offer. To stay informed of up-coming events and workshops, please sign up to our monthly newsletter. (Indicate where reader can find sign-up details e.g. bottom of page, right hand column, via a link)

Stress Management Workshops for Staff and Students

Our practical workshops begin by explaining the biological reasons for stress and the physiological effects triggered by the fight or flight instinct.

We look at the symptoms of stress – you might be surprised at some of them. We examine the many ways, expected and unexpected, that stress affects people, both physically and mentally.

We break things down into sections of work (or school) relationships, diet, lifestyle, thoughts and beliefs.

We also add in some short and long relaxation skills: quick techniques for when you have only five minutes to spare, and longer methods for when you have more time to yourself.

To find out more about our Stress Management Workshops, please enquire using the contact details on our Contact page.

Plant-based Lifestyle Workshops

This is an interactive workshop celebrating all the benefits plants bring to our lives and how invaluable they are to the planet.

We cover where they grow and look at land used for rainforest and for animal agriculture.

The workshop ends with a simple plant-based cookery activity using ingredients that may be unfamiliar or that you may not have tried before.

To find out more about our Plant-based Lifestyle Workshops, please enquire using the contact details on our Contact page.

Relax Kids Classes

As a certified Relax Kids coach, we can offer classes to help create happy, calm, confident children. We have a selection of classes suitable for children aged from three to 11, which can take place in school or as an after-school club. For more details, go to Relax Kids page.

Sustainability Talks

A final word on one of the most important issues facing us today, keeping our planet alive. We may work hard to improve our lives, but we need to change our attitudes and behaviour if we want a brighter future for generations to come.

We can offer talks on ethical living, sustainable choices and animal rights. Please do get in touch if you think your students would be interested in these topics. We can also talk to groups outside the school environment.

To find out more about our Sustainability Talks, please fill in the contact form or get in touch using the details on our Contact page.